Secondary Operations

Full-Service Supplier of Value-Added Operations

Murotech Ohio Corporation (MTO) provides in-house secondary operations to refine and add value to the metal stamping and precision grinding processes. Our value-added operations meet unique component specifications, maximizing cost savings, time and efficiency.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we will consider adding new machining equipment to ensure all processes remain in-house, meeting quality standards and exceeding expectations.

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Secondary Services at MTO

MTO offers the following in-house services to meet customer requirements:

Automated Assembly
Automated 100% Inspection
Laser Marking
Media Deburring
Heat Treat
CNC Machining

Projection Welding
Parts Washing
Vibratory Deburring
Press Temper
Barrel Polishing

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Secondary Operations Equipment at MTO

Retainer Machine
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Jig Set Machine
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Random Machine
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Vibration Barrel
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