About Us

Murotech Ohio Corporation: Our Story

Murotech Ohio Corporation (MTO) is a metal stamping and precision grinding manufacturer in St. Marys, Ohio, with a full range of in-house services, including heat treatment, barrel polishing, CNC machining and automated assembly per customer specifications. 

MTO was established in July 1998 and started operation with about 10 employees in April 2000. We serve the automotive industry, producing components for Honda, Toyota, Nissan and GM plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

Our wide range of manufacturing presses and advanced technologies keep us an industry leader in quality and reliability.

Murotech Ohio Corporation 20th anniversary group employee photo

Muro Corporation: A Global Network

global map with pinned U.S., Asia and Japan Murotech locations


Flexibility and Energy for
Creating a Better Tomorrow.


We will devote our advanced technology to meet our customers’ true needs and will keep trying to pursue high technology to contribute to society.


Control Costs, Improve Quality and
Gain Reliability.

About Muro Corporation

All of our dies are designed, manufactured and maturated by Muro Corporation, our parent company in Japan. MTO is part of a global network of locations including China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Muro North America in Canada and numerous plants under the Igari Industry in Japan. Muro Corporation strives to be progressive by continuously improving operations and processes.

Mission Statement

We will keep trying to improve safety, quality and productivity by applying KAIZEN to gain trust from our customers. Kaizen is a business philosophy about working practices and efficiency based on continuous and incremental improvement in productivity and performance.

We will enhance the profitability of the company and support its long-range plan by applying the 5 S’s (5S), which consist of:

  • SORT: SEIRI- Disposal
  • SET: SEITON- Arrangement
  • SHINE: SEISOU- Cleaning
  • SUSTAIN: SHITSUKE- Discipline

We will provide a pleasant work environment in which all employees may grow to their maximum potential.

We will be sensitive to the needs of our community.