Metal Stamping and Precision Grinding Capabilities

Murotech Ohio Corporation (MTO) is a global supplier for metal stamping and precision grinding for the automotive industry. We have presses ranging from 60 tons to 600 tons, two tandem lines, four Nissei double-disc grinding machines, DOWA Gas Soft Nitride and carburizing furnaces, two types of CNC machines and custom-built component assembly machines.

Our dies are designed, manufactured and maturated by Muro Corporation, our parent company in Japan. MTO is able to improve and adjust the dies through the actual trial using U.S. raw materials.

Our in-house secondary operations have the capability to meet unique component specifications, maximizing cost savings, time and efficiency. MTO is committed to customer satisfaction and will consider adding new machining equipment to ensure all processes remain in-house, meeting quality standards and exceeding expectations.

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